Who we are?

Cuti-Cuti Jepun is a private tour guide service with the motto “membantu anda menjelajah bumi sakura”

Cuti-Cuti Jepun started in 2011 as a social entrepreneur group, run 100% by Malaysian students whom mostly saving their financial to pursue their further studies or those who are in training themselves to manage their own company after their graduation

Cuti-Cuti Jepun offer flexibility according to the client needs and experiences stories by Malaysian living in the land of the rising along the trip

Irasshai! Cuti-Cuti Jepun é yokoso!

Welcome to Cuti-Cuti Jepun!

Experience is customizable

Cuti-cuti Jepun was founded on the basis of giving a personalized leisure trip to the visitors that come to Japan. For some people, it is a blessing to have come from afar to the land of the rising sun. And we want to make sure that every second of the trip here is worth it and each trip is customize to visitors preferences.

Our tour guide

Serving full private and customize for each contingent.

Personal translator companion

One of the things that people face difficulties when visiting Japan is the inability to speak Japanese. Thus, Cuti-Cuti Jepun provides a tour guide that is fluent and confident in conversing in Japanese. So do not be afraid to ask for anything!


Let us help you to travel in Japan the safest, most exciting way and tips to get around in Japan and experience it.

With Cuti2Jepun, you will make sure that your team makes most out of their company trip here in Japan. Right amount rejuvenation will result in better performance from the team

We care about making sure that any school trip or study tours who come to Japan get the most benefit and learning out of their trip. Let us help by quickly bypass the language barrier thus achieving your objective.



Our services focused on our client’s needs. With the concept of “leisure vacation”, itinerary and places to visit is based upon clients pace.

We prefer visitor to upload their flight details to us. Visitor have various periods of stay here in Japan. Sometimes 5 days, a week, maybe even 2 weeks. Once we have taken a look at how long will you be staying, and your wishlist, we will make that itinerary especially for you.

Thus with this, visitors can sit back, relax and enjoy Japan to the fullest while we take care of everything.

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  • Flight details and wishlist helps us to better customize your itinerary


Simple Japanese House for Simple Malaysian

Advancing together with student community support project

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